Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Peace of the Prairie

So things are definitely looking up a lot more than they were just a few days ago. :) I still don't know any more about what is going to happen once I am done here, nothing more on getting a job, but I did find out the Big Bend in Texas has officially rejected me as well. So that is three no's. But I am continuing to try!

I actually had fun in Rapid City on Tuesday. I did a variety of different things including going to some thrift stores, getting lots of maps for free at AAA, and going to Cabelas which is always exciting! I also looked at trailers at several different places because I am trying to find a trailer that I can haul behind my truck in order to move out of the house in Oroville.

The most exciting thing I accomplished in Rapid, however, was to find a couple of hydraulic lifts that I was able to successfully install on my camper shell, which means that the back actually stays up now! Yay! So I don't have to prop it up anymore. :)

I spent a good portion of yesterday hiking through Wind Cave National Park. I went on three different trails, connecting them all together into a rather odd shaped loop, traveling a total of about 14 miles. It was very therapeutic and helpful for me to spend that time doing that. God most definitely renewed my strength and brought me peace. :)

I came back from hiking to find that the last roommate was gone! So I am now alone in the house. My first task is to clean everything and be able to actually organize my stuff in the kitchen for the first time. It is going to be nice to have things stay clean and not have to hide food, but also rather lonely. :(

I actually ended up getting to hang out with Haley (another fellow ranger) last night, which was nice. I was able to connect more with her and build more of a relationship, which will hopefully continue to grow so that I have at least one friend around for the next few weeks!

So bottom line is that my spirits are much better. :) Thank you for your prayers and thoughts and kind words. They are very meaningful and appreciated!

Now I get to go give one of each of our three walking tours for the remainder of the day!

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