Friday, August 14, 2009

The Interesting Parallels of Life

Here I am writing again already! But I do actually have several interesting stories to report. These last few days have included some rather unusual events and situations!

To begin with, I did get to do some hiking Tuesday night. I actually hiked about ten miles through the park, which was exciting, got to see a lot of places I had not yet visited! I drove up to the very north end of the park, left my truck there and hiked all the way back to where I live in lower housing. That worked out very well because I arrived just as it was getting dark, perfect timing to join Eric, Noelle, Mike, Mary, and Doug in a venture back to the north end of the park to view stars and the meteor shower. That worked out beautifully because they were able to take me back to where my truck was! And I got to see some amazing stars and quite a few meteors! The sky could not have been better. It was perfectly clear, I was out in the middle of the prairie where I could see the entire sky without anything obscuring it, and the only ambient light was a faint glow from rapid city and hot springs. Definitely a prime situation for viewing the heavens! After spending about an hour and a half simply looking up at the sky we came back, but laying out there had inspired me to spend the night out on the prairie. :)

So on Wednesday I went out and hiked another 6 miles on a different trail, ate dinner over my camp stove, and then pitched my tent out in the middle of the prairie. I then spread a blanket out and watched the stars and meteors for a very long time. :) I actually had cell phone reception out there which I found ironic! It was very peaceful and quiet and a beautiful place for me to be. God definitely gave me peace in light of turmoil brought into my life as a result of a phone conversation had while out on the prairie. There is nothing like the abiding peace of Christ, given through the majesty and wonder of his creation. :)

And I needed that more than I would know as I faced yesterday. It was a long and hard day at the cave. We were very busy and I had a couple of things go rather wrong. First of all, I got stuck in the elevator with 8 other people for 35 minutes! Not good! Especially because I was on my way into the cave for a tour which meant half of my tour was in the cave and the other half was still on the surface! But they were able to eventually get me out and I still finished the tour. Pretty crazy! Then I had the last natural entrance tour of the day and right when I got to the bottom of the stairs I had a girl, the very first person in line no less, freak out and decide she didn't want to be in the cave. So I had to walk her all the way back out to the surface past everyone else on the tour!   

Today was another very long day as well. I am sad and melancholy, but also being renewed by the spirit and love of Christ. It is amazing the gifts the he will give us if we pay attention when we need his peace the most. =)

Thanks for listening! 


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