Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some Interesting and at Least Mildly Exciting News

So I actually found out a little bit more about my immediate future! It looks like I am definitely going to be able to stay at wind cave through September, and even possibly a good portion of October. That is definitely good news! It is so different being here now and not having everyone around! And the last of my friends will be leaving in the next two weeks, which means that very soon I will be one of very few rangers who is still here. But I will get to stay and continue to be a ranger for about two more months!

That does complicate other things quite a lot, most notably be needing to move out of the house in Oroville, so I am trying to figure out what to do about that!

The other notable piece of news is that I know that I did have my application sent to the selecting official for death valley (further than I have gotten for anything else so far!) and I just found out yesterday that the same official called Ted to do a reference check on me. He was going to try and call back today and told me he would sell me. :) So that is very good news and means that I at least have a fighting chance of getting the position at death valley for the winter. I will hopefully know something more before too long!

So it appears as though things might work out okay after all. I am just continuing to trust and to do all that I can!

Otherwise, I am continuing to greatly enjoy sharing the story of finding Alvin's signature with visitor's on my tours! And I got to do the campfire program again last night. :)

I am off now to go sit in a natural hot springs!


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