Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Final Countdown

Did anyone else hear the beginning of the song when they read that subject line? I think that Jason and I used that music a little too often in video projects because now it is firmly etched in my memory!

Anyway, the point of this email is that I found out a little bit more in regard to an ending date and that sort of thing. I actually talked to both Ted and Mary today which resulted in some highly useful information! The first thing is that if I were to use all of my allotted hours now I could work through November 23. So that is the last day that I could be here before I would have to leave on account of my hours running out. However, Mary wants me to leave before that because she wants me to come back and work EE (Environmental Education) in the spring. I think that would be pretty fun. :) It would be pretty crazy and very very demanding and tiring, but also fun and exciting. I would be teaching first through eighth graders about the environment through the park.

So all that is to say that Mary wants me to leave earlier now so that I can come back earlier in the spring, which does work out fairly well for my own plans. I still don't have a defined end date quite yet, but it will be sometime between Oct. 24-Nov. 8.

My thought is to go to Colorado to see Kristen, Corey, Brandon, and Lisa once I leave and then make my way over to California where I will move out of the house and head to Phoenix just in time for Thanksgiving. And depending on when I actually leave I will hit up some other scenic and interesting spots along the way. :) Something like that anyway!

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