Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Finally Did It

So all summer I have had a great fear that one day I would somehow mess up and end up going to lead a cave tour and not have my key in my pocket. That would be very bad news because without that key I cannot get in or out of the cave. Well.... today it happened. It really did. I went to give the 11:30 tour and as I arrived at the elevator building I reached inside my pocket and did not have a key....

I have two keys on a little carabineer. One is the key to my truck, and the other is the key to everything here at the cave. Well I had driven into town last night and automatically put my keys down with my wallet and cell phone and not with the other things (like flagging and a lighter) that I always carry with me at work. When I was putting things in my pockets this morning before heading to open up the visitor center apparently I somehow failed to notice I did not have my keys. And the fact did not come to my attention until I was arriving at the elevator with 15 visitors to go down into the cave (I enter a code on a keypad to get into the building in the morning so I had not needed the key for anything yet). So I had to tell them to wait while I ran home (quite literally--I ran all the way to the house and back in my full dress uniform) to retrieve said key. Thankfully I was able to do so and was only three minutes late starting the tour, but it was still pretty ridiculous.

So yes, it is apparently possible for me to be a total spaz and not bring my key with me to work, and thus be unable to get into the cave.


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