Friday, October 23, 2009

Some "final" Thoughts

Funny how things end up moving so very quickly near the end! It seems like there is still much that I am trying to do before leaving and that doesn't even include such things as trying to see people, which is usually very much a part of this sort of thing! It was strange coming in to open the visitor center this morning and realizing that this is the last time that I will be doing that. The last time I will do the weather, put up the flag, anything... I close everything tomorrow for the last time. I am glad it worked out that way though, I will be the last person to leave the building tomorrow after closing everything down one last time.

I have been getting rather creative with food, trying to eat things up before leaving. I made an excellent pot of stew a couple of days ago that used up a bunch of vegetables and some beef that I had in the freezer. It actually turned out to be some of the best stew I have ever made! Now I need to eat up the rest of it so that I can clean the crockpot and pack that in the car! Other feasts have included such things as pancakes and bratwurst. I had bisquick that needed to be used so I made pancakes for breakfast yesterday morning and I had cooked up some brauts on the grill the other day but didn't have any buns so yesterday for lunch I ate the sausage wrapped in pancakes. It was... interesting!

So last night I was burning the last of the wood I had collected because I need to get everything cleaned tonight and having a bunch of wood stacked up is not the cleanest situation! So anyway, I ended up making quite the fire! The heat nearly drove me out of the room and I unintentionally released smoke out into the room, which quickly permeated the whole house. I discovered that I actually have four smoke detectors in the house, and guess what? They all work!

I have succeeded in getting a lot of stuff, not only packed, but actually in my truck, and will get even more of that done tonight. The plan is still to leave early Sunday morning and start heading east. I have all sorts of maps and directions and plans so we shall see how it all works out! I am attaching my "calendar" as best as I know it at the moment so you have at least some idea where I am! It is very much subject to change and modification of course, but at least it gives you the basic idea!

There is supposed to be rain for a good chunk of tomorrow and there is a 20% chance that it will turn into light snow after midnight Saturday night. I am really hoping that it will not do so, or that it will only be a light dusting, because that could make things a little harder with leaving!

I am also doing all the final check out stuff necessary for me to leave, which includes my official final meeting with Ted, my supervisor. So I had that meeting yesterday and it went extraordinarily well! He definitely did much to confirm me and my abilities as an interpreter. He told me that I have a gift as an interpreter and that he would not only recommend me in any way he could, but also push for anyone to hire me if he was ever given the opportunity. He also told me that I had received more visitor feedback forms than anyone else this summer and clearly was connecting with the visitors in a powerful way as well. And he rated me as exceptional in customer service, interpretation, and for working with others as a team, which are the three main evaluation categories. So basically is was a huge validation of me and what I have done here. He also told me again that they want me back and are planning on me coming in April, but that if something else came along that is totally fine. I have not signed a contract and do not have to come back here if I did change my mind for whatever reason, which was very nice of him as well! And Tom said very similar things today as he left, again telling me that I was a great hire and that he is very glad that he had me come this year and wants me to come back. So that is a pretty nice note to leave on!

Finishing the adventure and soon embarking on the next!

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