Saturday, January 26, 2013

Touched by a Kiss of Heaven

The Inauguration is over, I am back to work out in the office at Manassas, and school has officially begun again, so overall things are back to normal! This semester I am only taking one class, which will hopefully make life a little easier while also helping us save some money to try and replace my truck with a more reliable and less needing-to-be-fixed-all-the-time vehicle.

My class this semester is on the Civil War Era, which I am particularly excited about since it is both the era of history I am most interested in while simultaneously being exceedingly relevant to my job.

On Thursday morning we awoke to find that the first snow of 2013 was falling. Neither Alison nor I have actually been in Northern Virginia when it was snowing since January of 2010 (I got snow in Shenandoah, but we missed the little snow that came last year while we were on our honeymoon). It wasn't much snow, but it was enough to make it a bit challenging to get to work, while also leaving a thin blanket of white over everything.

We had never seen our neighborhood with snow before, so it was especially fun to drive and walk through it. I had never viewed the Manassas Battlefield with snow either, so when I got to work I went out and took some pictures. It was a magical setting that looked as though the battlefield had been touched by a kiss of Heaven.
You can find more pictures in my album of the Snow Covered Fields of Manassas

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