Monday, November 5, 2012

Enveloped in Northeastern Wonder: Partaking of Diana’s Bath with a Thirsty Whale

When we awoke the Next Morning we were pleased to discover that it was not raining so, after enjoying another splendid breakfast at the Buttonwood, we decided to spend a bit more time exploring the White Mountains before we crossed the border into Maine.

Upon the advice of our host we visited Cathedral Ledge, which offered excellent vistas overlooking North Conway and the surrounding area.

We also hiked into a series of cascades known as Diana’s Bath and enjoyed the contrast of the rushing water and the fall color.

Possibly the gears from under an old sawmill

It seemed like only a few minutes after leaving North Conway before we crossed the border into Maine, our third new state of the trip. 


We enjoyed our drive through the lake country, making one quick stop along the way to pick up some marshmallows to roast over a campfire that night. We arrived at Acadia National Park  two minutes after the Visitor Center closed, which meant we were unable to get any information about hiking in the park, but we still had enough daylight left to navigate our way to the campgrounds, stopping at several overlooks along the way.

Looking toward Bar Harbor from the Park Road

We found our campsite and worked to set up camp before darkness fell. This task was made dramatically easier since our tent was actually dry and it was not raining for a change!

We even had enough time for a quick walk down to the Atlantic Ocean before the last vestiges of daylight faded away.

The next morning we began our day by returning to the visitor center to watch the park film, stamp my passport, and find out more about hiking. Since the weather was beautiful we drove with the top down on the convertible to better appreciate our surroundings.

When we got to the visitor center we discovered another VW Beetle in the parking lot which had definitely traveled further than we had!

The views driving along the park road in Acadia are impressive. It is truly a unique and special place.

Our first official stop was at the Thunder Hole to observe waves crashing into the rocks.

We then walked along the coast to Sandy Beach where we stopped to take a picture with our Candy Corn Oreos!

We hiked out on a trail up to the top of Great Head, along which we encountered some unique bridges and were blessed with splendid views of the coastline.

We had worked up quite an appetite so we headed into Bar Harbor for lunch at the Thirsty Whale. 

Though it was a bit confusing to determine whether we should seat ourselves or wait to be seated we did end up with a table where we ate fish and chips, clam chowder, and a platter of fried yummy sea creatures. We washed it down with some “Old Soaker” soda brewed there in Bar Harbor. 


It was good we ate as much as we did as we were going to need the extra energy for our Next Adventure!

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