Monday, July 30, 2012

I Have a Pretty Neat Job

On Saturday, July 21 rain swept the fields of Manassas National Battlefield. It was a sharp contrast to the extreme heat that characterized the sesquicentennial of the First Battle of Manassas last year. Another sharp contrast from my vantage point is that I had a vantage point this year. Whereas last year I was unable to convince the powers at Shenandoah to allow me to be detailed to Manassas for the day, this year I was specifically instructed to be present at the anniversary events.

So I spent a rainy day traipsing around the battlefield photographing hikes, special talks, firing demonstrations, and general visitor involvement at the battlefield. I did the same on Sunday, though there were less programs and notably less rain which generally made for better pictures.


In addition to the pictures you see here, these links should take you to the two albums I posted on the Manassas facebook page...

It is pretty neat to see one of my pictures as the cover photo for an NPS facebook page and to know that the images I captured are the ones that people will forever associate with this commemorative weekend.

Having now been an NPS photographer at three separate events at Richmond, several smaller events, and the 151st anniversary of Manassas, I am starting to get pretty good at capturing images that effectively tell the story.

I also get to have fun conversations with visitors including at least short instances of being able to talk about the history of the event. I think I have received more "you have the best job" kinds of comments working in this capacity than in anything else I have done with the Park Service. And I think I would have to agree. It's a pretty neat job.

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