Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Working Update

Today turned out to be a rather significant day in terms of job prospects. As mentioned in my last writing I had been contacted by a ranger at Shenandoah requesting a job interview. That interview took place today. As I was on the phone I received another call which turned out to be a ranger from Arlington House in Arlington requesting an interview. So I called her back right away and did that interview as well. So after months of not knowing anything at all and not moving forward at all, within two hours I interviewed for two positions with the Park Service. It is pretty amazing really that these two interviews took place so close together. Of the more than 80 jobs with the Park Service I have applied for in recent months these two are the two I have been considered for that are the closest to where I live in Falls Church and the two that I am most interested in within this area. So basically the two most exciting interviews I could have received in terms of positions that would allow me to stay in this area until getting married this fall. (By the way, early November is the target time for the wedding!) If that is not evidence of the work of God in this situation, I really do not know what is!
Both interviews went very well. Both interviewers were highly complimentary of me and told me that I was one of their top candidates. At Shenandoah he picked me out of a lineup of more than 100 people largely because of the extra work that I had done beyond what was required at both Wind Cave and the National Mall. It was a huge confirmation that God is at work and that what I have done in the past is appreciated.

Both positions start at the end of March. Shenandoah goes to early November and Arlington to October 1, so both pretty decent spans of time. So now I may have a very tough choice to make. Do I take the job that allows me to stay where I am living now, stay connected in DC, and interpret Robert E Lee, but be confined to a single house (which is currently under rehabilitation and unfurnished and therefore much less interesting to walk through) in a single site. Or do I take a job that would require me to move but cost significantly less (saving about $400 a month on rent), allow me to live within Shenandoah, to interpret the wilderness including roving on hiking trails and through the campgrounds, and diversify my resume, while also meaning that I would see my fiance significantly less?

Then again I may be offered one job and not the other. Or perhaps I won't be offered either one.

To further complicate matters I also received an email today requesting an in person interview out at Mt. Vernon on Friday (I was just there yesterday celebrating the general's birthday!) for a position as a costumed living history interpreter on the plantation.

So what do I do? How the tides have changed!

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