Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh Yeah, and I'm going to be on TV, but not for a while

This past Monday after giving a talk at the Jefferson Memorial one of the people who had listened to the talk came up and told me he was a reporter form c-span and that they are working on a special project about Thomas Jefferson. He went on to tell me that he was very impressed with my talk and wanted to know when I would be doing it again and if it would be all right to film it. He also told me they were coming back the next day (April 13) to film the ceremony taking place for Jefferson's 267th birthday so I thought that the project they were doing was a short affair that would be aired that night. When I couldn't locate it I emailed the guy and just now got a reply from him. In that reply he told me that, "We will go to air with the documentary in early September," which I take to mean that I may very well have found myself a part of a much larger project than I had realized! You never know who is listening to you here in this park!  

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