Friday, February 12, 2010

Five Miles Uphill Both Ways in the Snow...

One week ago I was sent home at 12:30 due to the impending snowpocalypse. I made it home safely, little suspecting that I would be homebound for the next week due to the snow! The snow hit hard and fast Friday and Saturday night and shut the city down in its entirety. Then on Tuesday the snow came again and added another foot to the two already on the ground. I could not get out of the house at all on Wednesday due to blizzard conditions. The metro was shut down and my truck was buried in snow. For six days I was in limbo, waiting for a phone call each night to tell me if I was going to work in the morning. Last night the call finally changed, telling me to report for work this morning.

So I headed out earlier than normal this morning in order to safely get on the metro and make it into work.  Things seemed promising when I arrived. There were not too many people on the platform, and there was a train scheduled to arrive in ten minutes. Problem was, when that train arrived it was so packed full of people that they were falling out when the door opened and it was physically impossible to fit anyone else inside! I waited for the next train, which came about 15 minutes later and looked exactly the same. So did the one after that. Normally the trains come every 3-4 minutes, but this morning, because of the snow, they were 15-20 minutes apart, and I was too far down the line and could not get on. So after nearly an hour of waiting on the platform I finally gave up and decided to walk to work. So I walked a little over five miles through snow, down streets because sidewalks were still buried, across much of the city of Washington DC in order to arrive at work once again!

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