Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fun Affirmation

So I just finished a tour and have a few minutes before giving another tour and wanted to share a bit about what just happened. I have been having a terrible time getting out of tours on time because my crowd is generally older and almost always much more curious and inquisitive. So I am getting a lot more questions, and interesting questions too. On this last tour I had a lot of more personal questions in regard to what I am doing and what I will be doing when I leave here. That resulted in one man staying behind after to tell me that he has lots of connections with the Kentucky state park system. He gave me his information and told me that if the federal position doesn't come through I should call him to see if I could get an interpretive position at the state level. That was interesting!

I also had another lady tell me that it was the best tour or program she had ever been on. That definitely helps make me feel good about what I am doing! I have received several such comments over the course of the summer, which certainly seems to affirm that I am doing something that I do well.

I also received a visitor comment form yesterday which contained this comment...

"Garrett gave us such an inspiration to live life to its fullest for whatever time God has given us on this earth."

That really made me smile. =) I do not ever mention God on the entire tour and do nothing to overtly talk about the bible, John 10:10, living life to the full, or anything like that. However the message does permeate my tour, especially my conclusion. And it was really exciting to read how much of an impact that had on someone. yay!

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